Exquisite Biewers & Golddust Yorkshire Terrier we strive to produce high quality & healthy Biewer Terrier & Golddust Yorkshire Terrier puppies!

We specialize in Beautiful Exquisite colored Yorkshire Terrier Puppies. Yorkie Puppies, Biewer puppies & Golddust Yorkshire Terrier Puppies.  We have quality healthy Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie puppies for sale, Biewer Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale and Golddust Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale.

Exquisite Yorkshire Terriers is one of the Top Prestigious Yorkshire Terrier Breeders in the United States with Biewer Yorkshire Terrier, Golddust Yorkshire Terrier puppies. If you’re trying to find quality healthy Yorkie Puppies for sale then you found the right place. ​Whether you choose a Golddust Yorkshire Terrier Puppy, a Yorkie Puppy, or a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Puppy, or one of each, we know they will be a wonderful addition to your life. At Exquisite Yorkshire Terrier we offer a lot of Information about the Yorkshire Terrier, Biewer Terrier and Golddust Yorkshire Terrier, Tan Yorkie and start learning what makes this breed of dog so unique

We are a quality Biewer Yorkshire Terrier and Golddust / Tan Yorkie professional breeder located in the beautiful Shenandoah Mountains in Virginia. As a yorkie breeder we carefully select our yorkshire terrier dogs to produce high quality Golddust / Tan Yorkshire Terrier puppies & Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Puppies for excellent health, conformation, and temperament, to maintain the beauty of the German Biewer Yorkie & Golddust Yorkshire Terrier breed. We have Champion Bloodlines and we are doing very well showing our dogs in the NAKC and IABCA show ring. Our Exquisite Golddust Yorkies & Biewer Yorkshire Terriers are raised and loved inside our home and are a precious part of our family. As a family raising gold yorkies & biewer yorkshire terriers we occasionally have yorkie puppies for sale.

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