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Golddust Yorkshire Terrier & Biewers are a joy to have around and make great loving family pets. Our family spends a great deal of time with our puppies, as this is THE KEY to our success!! Our Golddust Yorkie & Biewers are raised with love in our home and not in a kennel environment.

We reside in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley located in Virginia on 80 beautiful acres. We first started our breeding program with traditional Yorkie’s. One day I came across a picture of a Biewer and it was love at first sight! After adding our first Biewer & Golddust to our family it took no time for them to steal everyone’s heart. We are very passionate about the Golddust & Biewer Yorkshire Terrier breed, making it easy to pour our heart and soul into this breeding program. Our family program includes two of our adult children and my sister helping to raise these Exquisite Yorkshire Terriers. Our puppies are well socialized around children and come spoiled with tons of kisses from our two grandchildren.

Yorkshire Terriers have become a popular companion dog.  The majority of our breeding program now consists of tri colored Biewer and Golddust Yorkshire Terriers.  Our Biewers & Golddust Yorkshire terriers are Exquisite not only because of their temperament but also because of their striking and unique beauty that makes them stand out from traditional colored Yorkshire Terriers. It has always been our goal to breed to the described breed standards of the Biewer & Golddust breeds.   We believe in using the finest bloodlines available to produce the highest quality Golddust & Biewer Yorkshire Terrier puppies. We firmly believe in quality not quantity! As a knowledgeable ethical breeder we will not breed all of our dogs just because they are registered and pedigreed. We will select only the best Biewers & Golddust / tan Yorkie’s for breeding to minimize undesirable traits and to maximize desirable traits, both health and behavioral related. For this reason it is important to get on our waiting list as we do not always have puppies available. All of our Yorkshire Terrier puppies are vet checked with health certificates and vaccinated prior to going to their new homes. Our puppies come with a written health guarantee, as we strongly believe in standing behind what our dog’s produce.   Not only will they be healthy but also one of the best representations from the Golddust & Biewer breeds your money can buy. A dog’s bad health can cost an exorbitant amount of heartache and money later down the road which is why it is extremely important to have your breeding dogs thoroughly examined by a licensed veterinarian to ensure you are breeding with the healthiest lines possible.

Most of my dogs have been shown and evaluated by judges in the show ring to ensure my foundation dogs are up to the high standards that I have set for my breeding program. With the judges awarding them Multi Best in Show’s along with them gaining Multi-Championship & Multi-International Championship titles we feel we are on the right path to producing some of the best Exquisite Golddust & Biewer Yorkshire Terrier puppies available in the United States.  With our high standards and hard work our breeding program produced the first Golddust Yorkshire Terrier in the United States to enter the show ring competing with other breeds.

It takes a lot of time, energy, effort and money to breed dogs well. It is a labor of love, one that does not end when a puppy is sold, but continues when the puppy is placed with a family. Each puppy is a life-long commitment for us.  We offer support and guidance in training your Yorkie. Although our Yorkie puppies are advertised on our website, there is a process every buyer must go through to ensure a wonderful forever home.  Our approach is to let you tell us about yourself and why you would like one of our dogs. We would like to know what kind of home you can provide, and what your expectations of this puppy or dog would be. This helps us to match you with a puppy that will best fit your lifestyle and needs.

At Exquisite Yorkshire Terriers we are only interested in people purchasing a pup from us who will love and care for our pups the way that we care for them with love, affection and true devotion!

Please go to our Contact Us page to speak with us about owning an Exquisite Yorkshire Terrier Puppy!

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