Yorkshire Terrier Customers TESTIMONIAL REVIEWS

Shoshanna King — 5 star

From the moment I contacted Sharon about a puppy, she was more than willing to answer my questions.  She sent pictures and videos of our new baby girl (Bianca) and was very generous in the time she gave us texting and e-mailing, and helping us in any way possible by communicating frequently.  Our family has never owned a dog before, so everything was very new and a bit scary to us. Her website and all the information she provided was incredibly useful.  Thanks to Exquisite Golddust, we couldn’t be happier or more in love with our new baby girl.  After we brought her home, Sharon checked in on us to see how Bianca was doing from the very first day.  Being a new puppy mamma, I was worried about several things and she helped answer my questions and gave me advice on what to do.  Bianca has brought us so much joy and happiness and so many fun memories already.  She is a very playful, smart and beautiful puppy!  I can only imagine that all of Sharon’s puppies are just as wonderful.  Be prepared to fall in love with your new happy and healthy puppy!  Thank you Sharon!

Graham & Donna Fulghum — 5 star

In October 2014 we lost our 17-yr old 3.5-lb female Yorkie.  She was the last of 8 Yorkies who enriched our lives over a span of 40-yrs.  After she was gone, we decided maybe it was time to take a break from dog ownership for awhile.  We remained “Yorkie-less” until early February 2015 which was when I found Sharon’s Exquisite Yorkshire Terriers website and discovered the Gold Dust Yorkie.  Shortly after visiting Sharon’s website and a few days shy of my wife’s birthday I contacted Sharon to make arrangements for us to meet with her and to see her new puppies.  Sharon’s home is beautiful and built on a hill overlooking the George Washington National Forest – what a view!.  We were just “going to look” but within a few minutes after seeing and playing with her amazing pups we both knew we had to have one.  A couple of days later we realized having two would be even better.  We were so impressed with the care and attention Sharon devotes to her dogs and how relaxed the pups are around strangers.  Sharon socializes her puppies by making them part of her family and to get them used to being around people.  Sharon’s dogs have such a sweet temperaments and they are calm, smart, and so playful.  A couple of days after bringing them home we took them to our local vet for their wellness check.  Our vet has been the sole provider of medical care for all of our Yorkies.  During the exam the vet commented on their excellent health and condition, how beautiful they are, and stated it’s obvious to him our breeder pays close attention to detail and exercises a great deal of care in her breeding practices.  Our two Yorkies, Levi and Jasmine, are settled in and we are thrilled to have them as part of our family.  Thank you, Sharon, for our two Yorkies who are so much fun, give us lots of laughs and love, and for your follow-ups with us to inquire on their progress.  Sharon you  are such a special caring person and we feel so fortunate to have met you and your family, and to have two of your wonderful Exquisite Golddust Yorkshire Terriers in our lives.

Linda Jenkins— 5 star

Sharon is a caring, knowledgeable experienced breeder.  She makes sure her puppies are very Healthy and Happy!!  Her love and dedication to the breed shows by the puppies being produced.  She has top quality dogs producing lovable adorable puppies.  Sharon makes sure they get the best individual care.  I have been to her home several times.  I first purchased a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier from her and within a few weeks later I returned to get a Golddust puppy. They are both healthy and happy!! We are very excited about having them both!

Rosey Tucker5 star

For anyone interested in adding a Biewer to your family this is the place for you! I have had my sweet beautiful Jersey for almost two weeks now. She is so sweet, well behaved and has been so fast and easy to train. I believe the way Sharon cares for them is the reason they are so special. Jersey has added a lot more love to our home.

Eileen Bennett Engel5 star

I could not have asked for a more loving and caring breeder than Sharon.I have my new love,Teddy for 10 months now,and he is not only Exquisite in looks,but sweet, highly intelligent,extremely loving and so playful.He fills my heart with so much love,joy and happiness.I can not express enough thanks to Sharon. I am so glad we found you!

Brandon & Amanda Whiting— 5 star

my husband and I made the decision to add a third “fur-baby” to our family, we knew how important it was to find a breeder who truly understood that we were not just looking for a healthy puppy, but also for a family member. As the currents parents of two amazing, healthy, and happy Yorkshire terriers, Lolita and Valentino, we were well aware of the rigors and responsibilities involved in raising and loving toy breed dogs and knew that adding one more to the pack was not a decision to be entered into lightly. It was important that the breeder we chose to work with shared our philosophy and that their litters were considered “their family” from birth, with the parents being on-site and the puppies receiving adequate socialization.

I have been a member of several Yorkshire terrier and animal-rights clubs for over 7 years and have found that the small-dog loving community is a tight-knit, informative and devoted bunch. Therefore, when I knew that I was interested in finding a Biewer terrier a’la pom pon female, the groups were the first place I looked to get some honest and reliable information about interactions other members had with breeders. After contacting a few members, I was told to contact Sharon at www.exquisitebiewers.com. Other members recommended her as a passionate, informed and quality breeder. In speaking with her, I found that the club members were right –on with their evaluation.

As we talked, I got a wonderful sense that she truly loves what she does and maintains a high level of measure for the families that she chooses to raise her puppies. She was very thorough and explored every avenue with me as to ensure that Coquette would be given a wonderful, fulfilling, and loving home with us and our other two pups. After this initial conversation, I knew I found the right breeder.

Another important quality was that she made herself available for any questions or concerns we may have had until we were able to go and pick up our little girl at her sprawling, 80-acre home in Virginia. She provided some pictures of our growing girl via email correspondence and we spoke at length about her and her littermates on several occasions. This was especially helpful and reassuring for us as we grew more and more excited for Coquette to join our family.

All in all, we could not have been happier with the level of care and professionalism we received from day one in working with Sharon. Anyone can breed a puppy and sell it off to an unsuspecting family. Unfortunately, there are many out there that do which will only end up in heartbreak for the puppy and the family. But, with Sharon we knew that we were looking forward to receiving a healthy, well-socialized puppy, just as she knew she was allowing that puppy to join a family who would always have its best interests at heart and truly consider it ”part of the family”.

As we approach Coquette’s first birthday, we find ourselves pleasantly surprised each and every day with this sweet, silly little girl and her entertaining antics. Playful, healthy, and unapologetically loveable, she has been the perfect addition to our family. A wonderful girl and a funny little baby sister to Valentino and Lolita, she has truly found a place in our home and our hearts…thank you Sharon!

Jennifer Smith Bohrer5 star 

Sharon is a top-class breeder whose pups and adults are extremely well taken care of. I purchased a pup from her and worked at a vet where she brought her dogs for anything they needed. She cares about her dogs and gives them tons of love and TLC. Her pups are also family raised and are wonderfully socialized and sweet.

Georgia Poe Bohlmann5 star

If you are looking for an exquisite puppy whelped and raised by an experienced, loving breeder then look no further! Sharon Brown is amazing! Sharon is a professional who is extremely knowledgeable on the breed. Her knowledge on whelping and raising puppies is extensive. I have had the pleasure to visit her home on numerous occasions and was fortunate enough to obtain one of her beautiful dogs. Her dogs and pups live in their home, not in a kennel. The animals are treated as her babies, and she loves them very much! The home and surroundings are exceptionally kept. Very clean and pristine! Her whelping room is amazing! She has everything imaginable that may be needed for a new pup. Sharon is present for every delivery, assuring mother and puppies do not encounter any problems. Sharon doesn’t just sell you a pup; she becomes a mentor and friend. She will check on you and the new pup. She loves to receive updates on her babies. Sharon is always available to provide answers to any questions you may have prior, during, and after purchasing your pup. I feel it important to know where you pup is coming from and how the pup has been raised and loved. Sharon does an impressive job of whelping, raising, socializing and loving her babies! Thanks, Sharon! You are incredible!

Lisa Cooper5 star

I’ve gotten two Golddust babies from Sharon and couldn’t be happier! They are truly the sweetest snugglers’ you could ever want! They sleep on my chest like a true baby and are definite family members that I could not live without. I’m so fortunate to have gotten them from Sharon as she has a great environment to raise them. The moms and pups are all on the main floor with her and have a great dedicated play room to use…that is when Sharon isn’t cuddling them on the couch! When we got our babies we were amazed that their first night home they did not cry. When I told Sharon this she explained that part of the weaning process is to separate not only the mom from the pup, but the litter mates as well toward the very end. She has them sleep next to each other where they see each other, but cannot touch for few nights before she sends her pups to their new homes. I found her to be very knowledgeable and she provided me with a wealth of information when I took each baby home. She was always just a phone call away if I had any question at all. Not only that, she called frequently to make sure that the pup was doing well with the adjustment to her new environment. She is a very caring and knowledgeable breeder and I will not get a dog anywhere else! Thanks Sharon!
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