Exquisite Yorkshire Terrier Purchasing Policy

What you need to know when considering adopting a puppy from Exquisite Biewers & Golddust…….

How do puppy buyers determine if they are getting a quality puppy?
Where do quality puppies come from? An excellent way to evaluate the quality of a puppy is to look at the source – where did that puppy come from?

Pet Shop, Broker, Commercial Kennel, and Back Yard Breeders give very little to no time for socialization; little thought is given to planning a mating, and the least amount of money possible is spent on quality food and health testing. Dogs and puppies are mostly caged.   These puppies get off to a very poor start in life.
There is a saying that you can always find something cheaper and you will get what you pay for. These people breed to recoup the cost of the dog or because they thought they would make some nice pocket money. They know the cost of the dogs and price there’s usually below what quality breeder would charge. No health testing is done of the parents, and generally these unsocialized dogs and or puppies are not screened, tested or evaluated regularly by a veterinarian.  
The very best choice to finding a quality puppy is the quality hobby breeder.
Here, breeding is a serious labor of love.
A quality puppy is the result of our careful planning and selection of our best breeding dogs from many generations throughout the years. In my breeding program I can tell you the characteristics and temperaments of the puppy’s ancestors. Our dogs are carefully screened and evaluated by us and our veterinarian (Liver shunt, knees etc.)  and only after passing with excellent health are they allowed to breed. I strive to produce a wonderful sweet, loving well behaved pet with excellent health and great structure, that epitomizes the breed standard – the blueprint for what a Biewer or Golddust Yorkshire Terrier should be.  Our dogs and puppies are raised in our home where the puppies are socialized and bonded to humans from birth.  Our pups come with health guarantee and are current on shots, wormed , fecal and Vet checked before they leave our home.  I feed high quality Taste of the Wild, grain free food to ensure the best possible start in life. I place my puppies at around 11-12 weeks of age depending on size, temperament and recommendation of my veterinarian. We reserve the right to not let a puppy go to it’s forever home until we and our vet are in agreement that it is ready to leave our home. We reserve the right to not let a puppy go if we do not feel that it is that pups best interest to go there.  

A quality puppy comes from a quality caring breeder!


Irresponsible breeding has much greater risks of producing mentally and physically unsound overall unhealthy dogs.  The greatest motivation for breeding in this manner is to make money without regard to quality of dog or new home. Unless you buy from a responsible breeder, once the money has changed hands, the new owner is on his own.   Breeding will not make you rich. Breeding a Yorkie, in the ethical way, is done to create happy, healthy puppies and the love of the dog comes first and the money comes secondary. Only with this mindset will you have the proper goals, goals that will produce an end result of expectational litters with puppies who are sought after.

Biewer and Golddust prices as in many breeds will range in price usually based on pedigree, registrations, health checks, vaccination protocol, color and markings on the body, structure, temperament, and the estimated adult size… etc.

I do not determine final prices until the pups are evaluated for structure, health and temperament. There are some adorable larger “pet” Biewers who’s prices may be set considerably lower in hopes of finding the perfect forever home.  All pups sold – transferred in state of Virginia a 5.3% state sales tax applies to purchase price of pup.

Buyers Waiting List Deposit Terms & Agreement

Our contact form must be filled out and sent to us in order to be considered for one of our pups. After very careful screening of your questionnaire I will contact you.  We will discuss several things; when our next litter is due, how many customers are currently on “Buyers List” and for what Breed and Sex, pricing range and also answer any questions not covered on our website.  The next step is to place  interested buyers on one of two Lists, either our Buyers waiting list or notification waiting list. The Buyers Waiting list customer will send  $800.00 Non Refundable deposit toward the purchase of a puppy that signifies the intent on the part of the Buyer to follow through with the purchase of a puppy from a future litter that is not on the ground.   Once on the ground the remaining half down of full of full purchase price is due when puppy is one week old.  I cannot exactly predict how long you will remain on the list, however Buyers List families get first choice at litters of puppies as they have already sent a  portion of the deposit in to insure their placement of getting a puppy.** Please note you do NOT have to be on our “Buyers List” we keep all questionnaires filled out on a waiting list. Once everyone on Buyers Waiting list has been notified  if there are any remaining puppies left I will then contact customers who wanted to be notified when I have available puppies.  Females come in heat every 6-8 months.  There could be a wait as I do not always have puppies available as we only have a few litters a year. For this reason you may be asked to call back in a few months or you may be put on a waiting list. When the litter arrives you may find that there are a limited number of puppies available for placement, so your first choice of gender may not be possible. If you are flexible your chances of getting a puppy will increase.

A Non-Refundable deposit will hold your puppy until it reaches its proper age to leave (10-12 weeks approximately) . If you need additional time to prepare for your puppy we gladly hold pups longer if Buyer requests and as long as we are available to do so. Additional boarding fee per day will apply. Deposits (Pet Quality or show/breeding potential quality) are taken on a first come first serve basis for picking out a puppy. That means, whomever gives us the first deposit has the first pick After we have chosen any puppy we may want to keep, (if any) or in case of my using stud service, my first obligation is to the breeder who’s male I have used for first pick of show/breeding quality potential pups. At approximate 8 weeks of age we evaluate our pups to determine if they are show/breeding potential or pet quality. Typically at that age you look for structure and bites and if it is a male, if his testicles have dropped. If a person has a puppy deposit down for pet quality puppy and likes or chooses a breeding quality pup they will pay the show quality price. If the deposit is for a pet quality dog they get pick out of all the pet quality pups. If you put a deposit on a Full registration (show/breeding) potential puppy and the bite or knees go off or testicle has not dropped, before leaving my home your deposit will go towards another puppy of equal value once available (no refund of money). Deposits taken on Companion Pet Registration pups will NOT transfer to another litter. Buyer understands that the technology does not exist to predetermine the genetic outcome of any breeding as respect to health, conformation, temperament, or performance ability. All pups sold full registration (show/breeding) potential are not guaranteed to be show or breeding quality at an adult age unless they are sold as Adults. Show/breeding potential are just that Potential! A puppy is considered available until your deposit is received. Deposits are paid with bank money wire or deposit to bank account. The deposit signifies the intent on the part of the buyer to follow through with the purchase of this puppy. Failure of the buyer to complete this purchase would subject seller to lost opportunities to sell the puppy to another buyer and retention of the deposit is meant to compensate seller for his possible loss. The seller reserves the right to cancel any sale at any time if I deem the prospective buyer might not be suitable for the puppy (i.e. or Buyer is found to be an puppy mill, animal abuser, violent person, representative of a pet store, etc). Puppy is to be paid in full before leaving my home. Final payment is due 10 days before shipping by money wire. Pick up is cash only.

Companion Pet, orFull/Show/Breeding: 

All of our puppies are sold as Pet Companion quality with a  strict spay and neuter contract to prevent irresponsible breeding. Seller retains puppy registration papers as puppy is sold for companion pet purpose only and is not guaranteed to be fit for breeding or any other purpose. Companion dog usually describes a dog that does not work, providing only companionship as a pet, rather than usefulness by doing specific tasks. Many of the toy dog breeds are used only for the pleasure of their company, and to be an affectionate companion not to be used as workers. Our pups are healthy, beautiful, sound and have loving, wonderful temperaments making them perfect pets to add to your family!

Conformational quality is of little importance in pet homes but we breed our dogs with intentions of maintaining or improving the breed.   Our goal is to always try to produce excellent conformation, health, and temperament.

Our pet puppies are all sold with limited registration, but they are no less desirable than their show or performance counterparts. With both parents meeting their certifications for the standard, pet puppies will share the same genes for good health, temperament and longevity, as their show and performance oriented littermates.  I have placed many a ‘show quality puppies into a pet home. I would rather see my puppies have a good life with a lot of love and a family of their own!  Which is why rarely do we sell our pups for Full/Show/Breeding even then it is only to someone we have known and trust to do the right thing when breeding one of our exquisite pups. We will only sell pups with full registration papers for show/breeding if they are of Breeding/ShowPotential quality. That said…we are VERY particular about who will get a pup from us. There is no way to tell if a pup who is sold at 12 weeks old or under a year of age will be show/breeding Quality that is why we say Potential Show/ Breeding Quality. You can tell color and sometimes structure but bites can go off, testicles can go up and down, top lines can go off. It is said that a pups structure at 8 weeks of age will be what it is at full growth. Even days after 8 weeks they will go off structurally (even bites) because of rapid growth and hormones but will sometimes come back around to what they were at 8 weeks of age. That is why it is so important to evaluate at 8 weeks of age. We never guarantee weights nor breeding potential!

Visit your puppy?

No personal visits allowed until the first set of shots are given to the litter which happens at approximately 9 weeks of age. This is for the protection of the puppies. Absolutely no other pets may be present or are allowed to visit my home. Parvo, germs, parasites, etc can be brought in and we need to be Very careful. No visits to other breeders that day will be allowed before coming to my home. No Exceptions.

Puppy Care Package

New puppy owners are always concerned about providing the very best for their puppy. I have made a Puppy Manual as a guide to provide you with valuable information to help get you off to a great start! Along with the pups health records we supply a bag of food, blanket, and toy that they love. They will be groomed and ready to go to their forever home!


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