Yorkshire Terrier SHOW RING

With our high standards and hard work our breeding program produced the first Golddust Yorkshire Terrier in the United States to enter show ring competing with other breeds. Most of our dogs have been shown and evaluated by judges in the show ring to ensure my foundation dogs are up to the high standards that I have set for my breeding program. With the judges awarding them Multi Best in Show’s along with them gaining Multi-Championship & Multi-International Championship titles we feel we are on the right path to producing some of the best Exquisite Golddust & biewer Yorkshire Terrier puppies available in the United States.


Golddust Yorkshire Terrier Ch1x500Golddust Yorkshire NAKC Champion Nicki

2010-07-10 1st Golddust Yorkshire 2 X's Best In Show-Copper x500Biewer Yorkshire NAKC Champion Brianna3ExquisiteGolddustpups1 x500IABCA Biewer Yorkshire Champion AustinGolddust Yorkshire NAKC Champion CopperANAKC CH Golddust Yorkshire Nicki 2 X's Best Show 7-11-10-A5002009-01-10 IABCA Queen City OH 55 x500Exquisite Golddust GW-AutumnExquisiteGolddustpups4 x500Biewer Brianna x5002010-08-14 Golddust Yorkshire Copper MD NAKC BIS x500Golddust Yorkshire NAKC Champion Nicki2AGolddust Yorkshire NAKC Best In Show NickiA 7-11-10-500ExquisiteGolddustpups2 x5002008-06-23 NAKC Wolverine Brianna CH x5002008-06-23 Michigan Show 004 x5002008-06-28 Lums Pond Delaware 163 x5002010-07-10 Golddust Yorkshire Copper Best In Show x5002010-10-10 IABCA Golddust Yorkshire CH Nicki 4 x5002010-10-10 IABCA Golddust Yorkshire Copper CH 3 x500IABCA Golddust Yorkshire Champions 2IABCA Golddust Yorkshire Champions 3ExquisiteGolddustNAKC8-8-09-2 x500ExquisiteGolddustNAKC8-8-09-3 x500ExquisiteGolddustNAKC8-8-09-1 x500Golddust pups x500A heart of Gold 1 x500Autumn320ac copyGD NJGrandDebut8-09320aBiewer Yorkshire Terrier Austin2008-06-28 Lums Pond Delaware 040 x5002008-9-13 Eastern Canada IABCA x5002008-9-13 Austin3a1st Golddust Yorkshire Best In Show CH-NickiA 7-11-10-500_MG_4484x500_MG_4504ax5002009-3-21 BBCA Specialty Reading PA x5002009-05-16 IABCA Steel City PA AustinA x500Austincanada2008-05-18 PA CH Briannaa x500AustinInternational-NationalPuppyChampionPA

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